16 janeiro 2013


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It's time to think about prep school. Yeah, I wasn't able to pass university test... This is not like I'd like to do any university just to have one to put on my curriculum, but I still wanted to be a newcomer in a college this year.
When I see all my ex-classmates happy telling everybody about their success entering in a university I just become a bit envious thinking It'd be awesome if It was me too.
Well, even if I'm still waiting for the result of an university, I'm not certain that that course was really what I wanted to do... I wanted Design, Industrial Design or something that comes to Graphic Design in the end, but this course I've chosen in this university was Visual Arts. It's not the same, I know that, but It was the only course this university had in my city that suited a bit what I aimed...
I was expecting a bit more math in my course even if I don't have ease on this, 'cause I think people that can equilibrate both human science and math are better than those that have just one side of the subjects. It's like a more complete person, I think. Human Science is too vague for me, I need more basis for computation and digital design, that was what I really were aiming for...
I hope I have a positive result in the end, but even if I can't,  I'll be remaking the prep course and hoping my strength don't come down again.

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